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Today's your lucky day if you either want a bunch of parts or to get a car running for not much. The following is from my craigslist ad, but if you have an questions that require more information, or you want more pictures, etc, please message me, or email me.

$1200 or your best offer. Worst I can say is no, but I'm very motivated to sell.

-I won't include the roof rack, and I'll only include the performance wheels and tires for an extra $400.
-It currently has a tuned ECU from Brew City Boost, I will include it for an extra $150. A tune retails for about $360.
-Has a performance exhaust on it currently, sounds really amazing.

-It is currently not running, it stopped when I was driving it from Bend to Redmond on the 16th of May. I'm pretty sure it's either the DIC or the CPS, both are fairly cheap and very to replace. However, I am wanting to move on from it.

-When it is running, it's very quick, due to it's turbo charged engine. It is also very comfortable. The seats are extremely ergonomic, they are all soft leather, and you can easily fit 5 people in the car, with all of their luggage as well. I mostly use the car to transport myself to school from Redmond to Bend and back. It also made many trips to Mt. Bachelor, and to many trails around Oregon.
-It averages around 25 mpg, but I've seen it average as high as 26. Keep in mind, that accounts for both city and highway driving, so highway mpgs are probably around 30.

Here's a list of repairs it's had in the past year.

-Replaced starter motor
-Replaced water pump
-Replaced radiator and several radiator hoses
-Replaced Direct injection Cartridge (DIC)
-Replaced battery
-Repaired ABS control unit
-Repaired head gasket
-Repaired exhaust leaks
-Replaced Saab information Display (SID)
-I know that it will need a head gasket soon, as it leaks a little coolant. It still runs fine, however, but watching the coolent level is essential.

As for maintenance I've:
-Changed oil every 3-4 thousand miles with Bosch performance oil filters and 0w-40 European spec Performance oil
-Replaced many of the clamps in the engine bay with screw clamps
-Tightened, fixed, repaired small issues, usually very minor, such as faulty electrical connections or loose hoses.
-Only used 93 octane premium fuel

-I have a large box of parts that I kept from the car, along with a couple spare tires and some winter tires/wheels.
-I will include the performance wheels and tires for an extra $400, otherwise it will be just fine on the original wheels and tires I bought it with.
-If you have any questions or want more pictures, information, etc, please feel free to email me or call.IMG_20170309_202506_515(1).jpgIMG_20161105_104341.jpg IMG_20160925_064813.jpg    IMG_20170103_171831_552.jpg

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Thanks for the post.

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