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The car was originally an automatic but I wanted a manual so I ignored everyone who told me to just sell it and buy a manual version and swapped in the transmission, subframe, and driver side motor mount along with the other random bits necessary from a 2003 9-3. There is a warning for abs due to the front sensors wires being broken but the speedo still works since the signal comes from the back. There are plenty of warnings on the dash for abs and stuff since I basically labotomized it by ripping out the auto computer but car runs and drives. Exhaust isn't on it but it does come with the car. Has a nice jvc radio professionally wired in so it actually works with the factory speakers and amps along with a couple 12 inch unnecessary subs in the trunk. Brand new federal ss595 tires and the rims are pretty nice. As it says in the Facebook post I'm selling as is cause idk what might be up but it does rip around so there's that at least.
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