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Pat @ CBM

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My name is Patrick and I'm in southern Florida.

In case you don't know me from Saabcentral, I am a one-man shop and build performance parts for the 2.8t platform.  My first R&D car is a FWD 08 currently running a HY35 tuned by John Williams and is making almost 500whp on "medium" boost, e85, and a 100% stock long block.  My second development car is an 08 XWD.

Here's a list of what I currently produce, what will be released soon, and what's in the works:

Currently available:
Direct replacement front-mount intercoolers
Direct replacement all-aluminum radiators
FWD 5" expansion chamber downpipes
FWD 3" midpipes
Full-Metal intake kits
Intercooler re-route kits
Catch can kits
Ram-air intake kits

Coming VERY soon (in no particular order):
GM ls2 truck ignition coil swap kits (95% done)
Race battery & water/meth injection mount kits (75% done, waiting on time lol)
XWD 5" expansion chamber downpipes (75% done, waiting on flanges)
XWD 3" midpipes (75% done, waiting on flanges)
tubular manifold upgrades for stock turbos (50% done, waiting on flanges)

In the pipes (in order of expected completion)
under-engine belly pan
intake manifold modification/upgrade
EFR turbo kit upgrades
functional rear diffuser upgrades (not a useless hirsch design)

I don't have website and I'm not on facebook (although I probably should be), but if you have any questions or need any technical support/advice, I'd be more than happy to help!
Khaled Mounir

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Hello Patrick and thank you for becoming a member.  Very interesting to know what you are up to with the 2.8 upgrades. It would be great if you can post images for your products on here. The 2.8 platform and especially the XWD cars are SAAB's best tuning platform so far. Those cars have amazing potential and the chassis is well designed and built. I personally think that my next project will be a 400+ turbox. "When the time comes"
Pat @ CBM

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I'd be happy to when I get a chance.  Right now, I have prototype pictures of a few parts, and retail photos of a few parts.
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