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                                                                   1999 Saab 9-3 Viggen ~ Lightning Blue 

Hi all, this is my 1999 Lightning Blue Viggen. It's coming up on a year of owning this car now, and I've been loving it ever since. Just rolled over 137,000 miles last summer (In storage now, not for much longer). It's pretty clean. Absolutely no rust on the body what so ever. It's completely stock as well besides the Viggen rescue kit I installed on it last year. And I plan to keep it that way. It may be boring compared to some of the awesome builds I've saw across the internet, but I'd like to keep it mostly original. 

Last April when I bought the car, it was quite a stretch to get it. I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The car was located in Stillwater, Minnesota. It was a 14 hour hike, which is a decent journey. My uncle and I departed Friday night in a high mileage 9-5. The trip there included some minor quirks that made me think, the drive better be worth it! At one point, the SID in our 9-5 read about 30 miles till empty. We planned to get off of the very next exit, which was 2 miles away. We crested a hill, and...we were out of fuel. Ooof! Not only was the exit 2 miles away, the gas station was another 2 miles off of the exit. Not a fun walk, at least for us. Luckily a lady gave us a ride back with some fuel back to our stranded 9-5. Not to mention this 9-5 was leaking oil like a sieve. We finally arrived, and there sat my dream car. After negotiating and agreeing on a price, it was mine. [biggrin] After going to get a bite to eat, my first experience in the car was sleeping in it for the night (Because hotels were overrated at the time, lol).

                                                           When I bought it


Thanks for the posting opportunity. Looking forward to read up on everyone's builds. I don't have many pictures, but I'll include two more below.



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