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Purchased in 2007 as a dream car that I always wanted from the day they were introduced in 1999. This car was and still is my dream car and I love driving it every day as my daily driver.  It's fast, reliable, comfortable. spacious and it turns heads and get thumps up every where it goes. In my opinion the car is fast enough  from the factory if you are using it as a daily driver and for some weekend spirited driving.

From the factory the Viggen suspension was not the best combination. The handling was supposed to be improved with stiffer springs and shocks but it wasn't.  The car had a stiff ride and leaned too far in turns. Also the torque steer was massive and could send you into the curb or the lane next to you if you are not ready to fight it. Therefore I have added to the Viggen the following essential upgrades to improve it's handling and ride quality. A couple of these upgrade were referred to as the Viggen Rescue Kit, and they were made and sold by different vendors with slightly different designs. 

Here is a list  of those parts. 

-  Steering rack clamp. 

Six point subframe brace .

-  Stiffer upper strut brace.  

-  Beefier front and rear anti roll bars. 

-  Koni sport suspension kit which came with Koni adjustable shocks and blue colored lowereing springs made or stamped by Koni. 

- 18x8  five spokes concave wheels wrapped in Bridgestone ultra high performance tires.

- Front and rear high performance crossed drilled and slotted rotors with dust free ceramic Brake pads.

Granite Embedded I pod intergrated connection that works with steering wheel control and displays songs on the SID unit.

- European ( E-code) head light lenses with Hella Yellow Star bulbs for the best night vision you can get from a halogen bulb. 

- Saab center armrest. 

- Replaced all saab badges with Custom Viggen badges. 

There are some other suspension parts you can add like polyurethane transmission and engine mounts, and some polyurethane suspension bushings.  I did not use any Polyurethane parts because my  goal was to improve handling while keeping the car as quite and smooth as it came from the factory.

Thank you for checking out my Viggen.  

viggen 3.jpg  viggen 2.jpg  Viggen.jpg  10688178_10152448247781453_7655605849659063657_o.jpg  10649106_10152448246601453_1752519191911849750_o.jpg  1926241_10152448253656453_7168293154358867061_o.jpg  10749983_10152448249986453_8452986651613052617_o.jpg  SDC15574.JPG  SDC15577.JPG 

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