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Saab 9000 (1998 Anniversary)

Currently mapped to 338bhp (verified by dyno last week) at 1.5BAR boost, but all set up to be remapped to 450bhp with increased boost pressure.

The dyno run was performed in 4th gear only and the car measured 138mph (in 4th gear) 338bhp/300p/ft. The technician estimated the top speed in 5th gear to be at 178mph if I can find an airstrip long enough.

Newly rebuilt engine (just 1000 miles so far).
Replacement gearbox fitted 1 month ago.
Full 1 Year MOT

Running top spec Millers NT 10w 50 for the engine and best Millers oil I could find for the gearbox.

New engine passed recent compression test with flying colours. Only 3% loss on 3 pistons and 4% loss on the other. If you'd just built an engine for a race car then you'd be pleased with these figures. Most excellent engines have an average of 8% loss.

Modifications as follows

Engine Modifications (fuelling/air intake)-------------------

- Genuine Garrett GT3071R Turbo (cost £1000 new)

- Walbro 255 fuel pump

- Siemens 630 cc injectors 

- External Waste Gate with screamer pipe 

- Custom manifold

- Large cone air intake

- All Stainless Steel water and oil lines 

- 3 bar map sensor 

- Dump Valve 

- 3inch Intercooler and piping 

- Full Stainless Steel exhaust 3 inch downpipe + wideband Lambda 

- Dash gauges including exhaust gas temp, air fuel ratio, oil pressure and oil temp

- Huge WP PRO racing brakes including braided lines, which are same at Maptun big kit (cost $1875).  Best brakes I’ve had on any car – these things are BIG and along with the suspension set up, they stop you very quickly which you need with this power. They’re your get out of jail free card.

- Full KONI adjustable suspension (currently set to hard).

- 18inch Alloy wheels 

- Poly bushed (steering feels sharp and responsive).

 Gearbox and clutch------------------------------

- Spec brand Stage 3+ clutch (£700). Drag racing spec (good for 800bhp).

- AERO Gearbox – used box just fitted. Still has 2month replacement warranty. It’s a little niggly in reverse but okay. Again, I have sourced the best gearbox oil out there – asking Opie Oils to provide what they believe offers the best protection. £35 for 2.5 litres.

-I replaced the thrust release bearing and slave cylinder with OM parts when I changed the gearbox.

Map preferences — In some sense the map dictates how you drive it so that’s why it would suit a Saab enthusiast who wouldn’t mind producing some alternative maps to suit their driving style. Of course there are options to how you want to tune this car and you may want to change the turbo to a GT28 which is smaller and performs better in the lower rev range, but it wouldn’t be as fast as this once it hit mid range power. If you want a big turbo then there has to be a trade off which means losing lower down performance so it’s a preference thing really.


The original car is a 1998 Anniversary. It was bought for the quality of its bodywork to modify — rust free underneath and solid all round except for rust on the front wings. I have just replaced the worst front wing — I purchased an immaculate, primed wing and it has been professionally matched, painted and fitted at a body shop at a total cost of £300. It looks brilliant. The driver’s side front wing is the only place on the car where you will find rust now – it hasn’t broken the paint yet and is an area about the size of an apple. It can be repaired without replacing the wing, but I may need a patch welding onto it if you go that route – otherwise used wings on eBay are between £40-£100 (great if you find the exact colour). *See last picture to view rusty wing.

The colour is Midnight Blue (257).

 There are some small imperfections if you get close like stone chips (two small dinks on the back door) but overall it’s very good and the car looks beautiful on its wheels and suspension set up.


The interior isn’t the best and is a little tatty, but it’s still refined and well insulated and does the job. I’ve focused on the mechanics and bodywork rather than inside. Previous owner fitted a two tone interior which includes a custom made Alcantara dash top with gauge pods integrated.

Standard 9000 Aero black leather seats (heated and electronic) — arguably the best seats out there.

 No radio (and there’s a space for a double din in the dashboard), there’s also a DAB radio antenna set up. 

Needs a new rubber gear knob as worn to cover the plastic bit as worn,

Newly Rebuilt Engine – 2.3 B234R --------------

As standard all Saab 9000 Turbo engines come with a steel crank, steel rods and Mahle pistons and they can handle up to 500bhp. Solid foundations.

I fitted a newly rebuilt engine in August. I bedded it in to procedure using the top spec bedding in oil from Millers for 300 miles and it’s now running Millers NT, which Opie Oils researched for me and state this is the best oil for this car and it’s modifications. It cost me £65 for 5 litres. At the moment I am driving it a mixture of styles to properly tender the new engine. When it reaches 1000 miles it will be ready for load and dyno run.

 The engine was prepared and strengthened by a friend and a reputable engine builder. The block was sourced from a 9000 Aero — standard B234R 2.3. Work carried out on this new engine is the same as the previous engine (and this work must be done to handle the power) it includes full engine strip down, re-honed, machine levelled, all clearances and tolerances checked, dip cleaned and painted, brand new pistons, rings, bearings, seals, gaskets and rubbers. Painted red to finish.

I already had a modified head which was relatively new and had been professionally altered in an engineer shop to the tune of approx £1000: ported and polished, new guides, new valve seals, new valves, new springs – (if you take off the rocker cover you can see how clean it looks). The engine also has a new timing chain and guides including balance shafts and tensioners and a new head gasket. All seals and rubbers replaced too

Located in Cornwall - part delivery options available.



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