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Saab 9000 - Currently Running Custom Tune ECU on approx 475bhp. Buy to repair or selling I'll be selling some high end spares. Car in in South West England. The tune on this ecu is a custom tune using t5 suite. It is mapped to the car with the hardware in use. It will most likely not run very well on any other car as unless you have the exact same engine and supporting mods it will need to be tuned to your car.

So this absolute beast of a 9000 was until two days ago sounding like a roaring V8 Mustang once that wastage opens (140mph in 4th gear / 180mph+ in 5th gear). This car has had about 100 hours of live road tuning - ECU around 475 bhp.

Unfortunately the bottom end has gone due to oil starvation and so it threw a bearing. The top end has had lots of money spent on it and is undamaged as are all the other parts. It just needs a bottom end - a very good one that has been rebuilt and strengthened. I don't have the money, my money is in the car. It will still start to drive onto trailer but it isn't to be driven far and sounds rough. It's a very special car and I am still making enquires about getting it fixed but £2000 will take the car as a whole. I'm looking for £2000 to take the car as a whole - no more, no less. Or it will be broken.

If nobody wants to buy for £2k and repair then these are some of the modifications which can be bought:

2.3 B234R engine (AERO).Full engine strip down, re honed, all clearances and tolerances checked, dip cleaned and painted. Brand new rings, bearings, seals, gaskets and rubbers. Head: Ported and polished, new guides, new valve seals, new valves, new springs, professionally done by engineer shop (the whole engine was rebuilt using brand new).

New timing chain and guides (inc balance shafts) and tensioners New head gasket All seals and rubbers replaced

Siemens 630 cc injectors

Genuine Garrett GT3071R Turbo is internally gated modified to allow for external waste gate. Flap has been welded. ---- FOR SALE AS PARTS with the External Waste gate and fitments: £500

Screamer pipe ---- FOR SALE AS PARTS: OFFERS

Custom Manifold: FOR SALE (£200 ono)

All Stainless Steel water and oil lines (OFFERS)

3 bar map sensor CUSTOM 460BHP ECU - (OFFERS)

Dump Valve (OFFERS)

3inch Intercooler and piping and large air intake (£350)

Spec stage 3+ clutch can handle 800bhp (Very good condition) FOR SALE: £300

WP PRO racing Brakes (same as maptun big kit but with out maptun signage. same supplier) incl braided lines. 360mm rotors with L6 calipers which will only fit a Saab 9000 -- COST 2475 dollars new - FOR SALE at £600

Unmarked 18inch Alloy wheels with good tyres (multi use on cars with same bore) --- FOR SALE £600

Full KONI adjustable suspension (£200 for all four)

Full Stainless Steel exhaust Decatted incl 3 inch downpipe. inc wideband Lambda -- FOR SALE £350

Leather Heated Aero Seats (unmarked) FOR SALE --£250

POLY mounts AERO Gearbox Gauges incl Exhaust gas temp, Air Fuel ratio, Oil pressure and Oil temp Full AERO interior Custom made alcantara dash top with gauge pods intergrated Two tone interior Walbro 255 fuel pump (OFFERS)

The bodywork is excellent apart from the two front wings - the left side needs replacing, the right side is repairable. Colour is midnight blue. I guess leave comments below or PM me.   





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Price on turbo lines?

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hello I need some parts. I do live in the u.s but I don't mind paying for shipping.

Genuine Garrett GT3071R Turbo

Custom Manifold:

All Stainless Steel water and oil lines
Spec stage 3+ clutch can handle 800bhp

WP PRO racing Brakes
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