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Hi you all and greetings from Finland! 

About 15 years has past since my first Saab and it´s been quite a ride since. As a kid I got myself interested on turbos mostly due to my big brother and via a -84 99 GL which we bought together (and which I still have) since then it´s been more or less performance oriented.

And like many fellow enthusiast also I have had/have a few different models and they all have had a great influence to what this hobby/lifestyle has become. As years went by I found a "wreck" 9-3 which had´t been driven for couple years and was kept outside for the whole time, so it was in awful condition. The car did not start-> it had been towed from oil cooler lines, and was left by the street like that. It cost like 300€ and had I no idea what to do with it but I bought it and later on it became the "Black Adder" [biggrin]

So let´s cut b.s. It was a wreck but after "new" gas pump, DI-cas. and some basics figured out it started and worked fine and after a cleanup it looked almost fine. Now I could just sell it and make a decent profit - noup I´d rather spend more money on it since it had been so cheap. Logically.

So here´s what I had to start with: 
A -00, 9-3 2.0t SE B204/154hp 5-door family car with 265tkm´s on the clock all basic mostly original parts = awful to drive, slow as hell that´s about it. 

After a few washes it looked like this. 26072010047.jpg 

Ok so first thing to do was the driveability, something had to be done as well as to the performance. So after a while spent on internet I had ordered these:
-Bilstein B8 sprint shocks,
-H&R -35mm springs
-Powerflex urethane pushes all around the car
-A new set of front wishbones with powerlex
-Genuine Saab´s rear antiroll bar
-JT´s 3" superflow full exhaust
-And a T5 apc-valve

21062011717.jpg  01042011451.jpg 
After these improvements it was clear I had to get a new program in and beat the hell out of the T25. And so I did about 3 months of stage: "give me all you got" and it was done, so a great reason to upgrade the turbo [wink]
So the list got a bit longer...

-Gt 3071/64 and hardcore [biggrin]  dump valve by Pate-racing
-Custom exh. manifold and DP-mods by: Bike&Tuning
-Do88 intercooler & press.pipes 
-Bosch Ev14 1000cc injectors
-Viggen clutch
-Henko 275 pump
-Setrab oil cooler
-3 bar MAP
-T7 apc-valve + modding and mapping by: Nappe
-Hundreds of bits and pieces
16052011518.jpg  14062011650.jpg  15062011655.jpg  15062011654.jpg  17062011674.jpg 

After the first mapping session on the road result on dyno was 351hp/ 508Nm on pump fuel 98E5, some minor adjustments were made later thou. Video from dyno--->

It was driven daily basis 2011-2012 and then it was time to change to E85. 

Again some serious road tuning and it felt so much faster/powerfull than before, but did´t get it to dyno before this happened:


So it was time for a new list - a To do list.
-oohh my...

So in short the combination after the rebuilt:
-Original B204 block
-Original B204 pistons + new rings
-B234 long block´s crankshaft and con.rods 
-balance axles removed and oil lines blocked
-New oil pump inc. case
-Lots of cleaning, machining, balancing, labour etc. 

-4bar MAP ;P

Results-> B234 r-hybrid, compression ratio 10.8:1 

Engine rebuilt was made in fall 2014 and barely got the break in done. At the moment it is really mild tuned and max boost is set to 1bar. During the winter/something like from aug. it has just been on a brake, runned it warm every once in a while. Due the long winter time in Finland and that it´s still cold as hell in here and the fact that my studies are on the way I still have it on hold, but in next few weeks(hopefully) I´ll get some progress to it and get some serious numbers [biggrin] I took it for a ride couple weeks ago since it was a nice warm day, and boy it felt good! Looking forward to get it tuned again. Aiming to maximum output [tongue] (Psst. it´s all go, no show.)

I´ll leave rest of the pictures tell the rest. That´s it for now. [smile]

Check more pics from-->

20150219_160904.jpg    20150219_160922.jpg 

Khaled Mounir

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Welcome to the forum Wippe and thanks of the awesome intro.  and WOW thanks for saving a saab and building a monster :-). keep up the good work. 

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Thanks, its nice to be able to share these insanities with people who know how it´s like to have saabs as part of life. [wink] I´ll try to keep you posted of all the progress and setbacks [smile]  
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